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Stop Fading Your Hair's New Color: Get Your Your Tap Water Treated Now

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You probably already heard about the drying effects of chlorine on your skin. But can this common chemical in your home's tap water mess up your newly colored hair as well? Chlorine can fade or change the intensity of hair dyes. In addition, chlorine can dry out your scalp and make the problem worse. There's a way to keep your hair's new color bright and vibrant. You can have your tap water treated with chlorine removals.

How Does Chlorine Affect You?

Chlorine is one of the most used chemical elements in the world. It's used in a multitude of products that includes household cleaners, swimming pool additives, and even as germ-killers for your tap water. If you're exposed to chlorinated water or products on a daily basis, you may experience dry, flaky skin. Keep in mind that your scalp is a part of your skin. As a result, you may develop a dry, itchy scalp after you wash your hair. The chlorine also changes your hair's new color because it has the ability to bleach dyes.

What Is Chlorine Made Of?

Chlorine is a gas that appears yellow-green in its natural state. Manufacturers turn the gas into a strong, corrosive liquid by pressurizing and cooling it down rapidly. Once chlorine is in a liquid state, it gets added to the products you use, as well as introduced into your tap water. You won't see the chlorine in your tap water because the water dilutes the color.

Chlorinated water can eventually bleach or turn lightly-colored hair green or greenish-yellow because of its corrosive properties. It also turns dark hair colors, such as red and brown, orange by stripping or fading away the colors' dark pigments. You can put a stop to these issues by dechlorinating your water.

What's a Water Treatment for Removing Chlorine?

The best way to remove harmful chlorine from your tap water is to install a filtration system. A filtration system uses a filter to remove chemicals, germs and minerals from your water. However, you shouldn't install just any type of filtration system in your home to get rid of your tap water's chlorine. Many store-bought filtration systems may not remove all of the chlorine from your tap water because they don't use the right filters. You need a carbonized filtration system for the removal of chlorine.

Carbonized filters block chlorine from passing through them. These types of filters contain charcoal, which absorbs gases like chlorine from water. Your tap water tastes cleaner and feels less harsh on your skin and hair after treatment.

If you want to protect your hair's color and the condition of your skin and scalp, contact a water treatment provider like Aquatech Well Drilling & Pumps Inc for additional assistance.