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Why The Auto Paint Technicians Sometimes Don't Match The Color Right

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If your car has suffered an accident and you must now have it repaired by an auto repair shop, you may wonder why the part of the car that was damaged has a different shade than the rest of your car. Your car might have a unique paint that is difficult to locate and the car repair specialist may not have been able to locate this paint. Also, there are many other factors that influence the paint color.

How Paint Companies Match the Color

Car manufacturers have a standard for each color that they paint their vehicles. Then, the paint companies have to find a color that closely matches the standard. The standard that the manufacturers use is typically based on which type of paint is the least expensive. Usually, the manufacturer will purchase a specific type of paint in bulk. Then, when they go through that entire amount of paint, they will possibly purchase a different type of paint.

An additional challenge in matching different paint types is that the majority of manufacturers have been using water-borne paints. In contrast, the majority of paint repair shops have been using solvent-based paints. Therefore, if you find out the type of paint that was used on your car, try to find an auto repair shop that will use the same type of paint.

If you are concerned with this type of problem, you will want to get a car that has a lighter paint color in the future. Lighter paints are easier to correctly match than darker paints. One exception is silver paint, which is especially difficult to get right.

Finding the Original Color Code

To maximize the chances that your car will be painted with a paint that matches exactly with the original paint, you will want to identify the color code for the original paint. You can obtain this by finding the name of the manufacturer, the year the car was manufactured and the model number. Then, by traveling to the manufacturer's website, you can often locate the exact color of the car. Also, if you find the car's identification plate, you can often find the color code on this plate.

Once you have the color code, take it to the technician like one at Space Age Auto Paint Store and he or she will more easily be able to locate the exact paint to use for the car. Even if the paint color is not exact, if it is close enough, the technicians will be able to blend the color close enough to where the paint job will not be noticeable.