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Four Portable Sawmills To Use For Milling Lumber From Your Tree Removal

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If you have trees on your property that are dangerous or need to be removed, you may want to keep the timber from your trees. If you like to work with wood, milling your own lumber can be a rewarding project. It does not even require a large saw mill to mill your own lumber. There are many affordable and portable sawmills that you can use.  You can even make your own sawmill if you like these types of projects. Here are four portable sawmills that you can use to mill lumber from your tree removal:

1. Chainsaw Mill Attachments 

The easiest way to mill your own lumber is with a chainsaw mill attachment. These attachments bolt to the bar of the chainsaw and allow you to make even cuts. If you want to use these, it is a good idea to get one for a chainsaw with a longer bar. Since they attach to the bar, you will lose some of the cutting depth where the attachment bolts on. These will also take a little practice to get used to, and the first cut will require a guide, such as a ladder, to give a straight cut.

2. Build Your Own Band Saw Mill

A band saw is a more practical type of mill that you can even build yourself. You will need to build a frame and find tires, motors and other parts to build this type of mill. Most of the designs are simple, which consist of wheels that spin with a motor to move the band, and the timber on a rail system to be pushed through the mill. Doing this yourself, you will be able to build the mill to your specific needs.

3. Portable Saw Mills On Trailers

There are also band saw mills that are already built on trailers. These are portable saw mills that you can get in any size you want and can be moved anywhere you need them to go. There are affordable versions that you can get if you just want one for a woodworking hobby. These professionally designed mills will give you everything you need to mill your own lumber in any dimensions you want.

These are some sawmills that you can use to create your own lumber from your own wood. It can give you the benefit of having unique lumber materials in any size you want. If you need to have trees removed from your property, contact a tree service like Carlos Tree Service Inc to cut them down and ask them to leave them in lengths you can manage to mill your own lumber.