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You May Not Have Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of, but you fortunately may not have bed bugs after all. It is difficult to detect bed bugs and there are several other pests and medical conditions that may be causing marks on your body. Bed bugs are small enough that you will likely not notice it when you are bitten. Also, the bed bugs have saliva that can reduce the sensation of pain:

Bite Marks Come from Several Sources

Many homeowners believe they have bed bugs if they discover bite marks on their skin after waking up. However, there are many insects that can cause bite marks, many of which are not as difficult to get rid of. Identifying the right type of insect infesting your home is the first step toward banishing the little parasites. You may also be suffering from a medical condition that causes symptoms similar to bed bug bites.

A Dirty Home Doesn't Necessarily Bring Bed Bugs

Even if your home is very dirty, you should not assume that you have bed bugs. Bed bugs do not care about how clean your home is because unlike pests that forage for crumbs and food residue, such as cockroaches, bed bugs are primarily interested in feeding on human blood. The same applies to hotels, so you shouldn't assume a hotel room is free from bed bugs when it is really clean.

Bed Bugs are Hard to See

Bed bugs are small pests, so many homeowners assume that they cannot see them. However, they are not microscopic. If you have never seen an actual bed bug, it is likely that you do not have them. Bed bugs do not have an easy time maneuvering around a home because they cannot fly or jump.

Instead, they have to crawl literally everywhere. If you are experiencing bedbug bites no matter where you go, you may be suffering from a different problem.

Contact a Specialist to Be Sure

Bed bugs are a major epidemic, so there is a chance that you still have bed bugs. But you will need to make sure by consulting with a bed bug specialist. Then, this professional can make sure that the bed bugs are eliminated from your home altogether.

You are unlikely to eliminate bed bugs on your own because they can fit inside surprisingly small areas due to the flatness of their bodies. Also, a female bed bug is able to create a very large number of offspring. While it takes only a few bed bugs to populate an entire home, it also takes only one specialist to wipe out the population.  

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