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About Investing In A Metal Roof For Your Building

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Are you frustrated with algae damaging the roof to your building? The solution to the problem may be to invest in a roof that is constructed out of metal, as it won't require a lot of maintenance. Find out below why a metal roof is ideal for your business and how much professional installation is estimated to cost. 

What Makes a Metal Roof a Good Choice?

The best aspect of a metal roof is that algae won't cause it to deteriorate because there is not limestone in it. Although algae can still get on the metal, it won't be able to eat into it and expose the roof deck to your building. The only concern that you will have with the algae is how unappealing it makes your roof look. If you don't like the look of algae, a contractor will be able to get rid of it with power washing equipment. Power washing is a lot more affordable than having to replace roofing materials that are damage from algae.

You can also depend on a metal roof to last for a minimum of 40 years or more before digging into your bank account for a new one. The durability of the roof will depend on how well you are able to protect it from rust. Metal can develop holes when rust is allowed to accumulate on it. You can prevent the metal from becoming rusty if you make sure rainwater does not touch it. Simply get a sealant or paint placed on the metal when the roof is installed.

Another perk of investing in a metal roof is that it won't be hard for a contractor to install. The metal is lightweight, so a contractor will be able to carry the material up to the roof without a big struggle. Easy installation means that you may not be charged as much as you would for other roof types.

How Much Does Professional Installation of a Metal Roof Cost?

You should expect to pay a professional a minimum of $3 per square foot for installing a metal roof. However, the price can go over $18 per square foot if the job is complex due to slopes on the roof. The type of metal that you choose will also have an effect on the price, as you can choose copper, steel or aluminum. Speak to a contractor as soon as possible so work can begin on your metal roof!