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How To Camouflage A Propane Tank

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In the U.S., there are over 14 million residential propane customers. This means that there are 14 million propane tanks sitting outside of homes in cities and rural areas throughout the country. Some of these tanks are visible and many are hidden or camouflaged. Here are some ways that propane customers disguise their propane tanks to hide them from view:

  • Landscaping - One way to disguise a propane tank is to plant green foliage around the tank. A stepped hedge, bushes, grasses, flowers or other vegetation can hide a propane tank, especially if the tank is painted to blend in with the surrounding area. A stepped hedge with shorter plants in the front and taller plants in the back works well for this purpose. 
  • Earth Berm - A sloped, earth berm seeded with plants is another good way disguise a propane tank. If planted with evergreen plants, the berm will remain green all year around. Another alternative is to plant perennial grasses. Even if the grasses change color with the seasons, they can still adequately hide a propane tank. 
  • Fence or Barrier -  A fence or barrier can be built around a residential propane tank to hide it from view. Fences made from wood, bamboo, stone, concrete, vinyl, or cast iron work well especially if vegetation is allowed to grow near them and on them. 
  • Custom  Cover - Companies who specialize in making custom, hollow, plastic covers for propane tanks have taken camouflage to a new level. These irregularly-shaped covers are shaped and painted to look identical to a natural rock or boulder and blend in completely with the surrounding landscape. This is truly the most artistic way to camouflage a tank.  
  • Wood Shed - A wood shed can also successfully shield a propane tank from view. This wood shed is especially effective if built with distressed wood and allowed to age naturally in the weather. 
  • Paint - A propane tank can be painted with waterproof paint to hide it from view or make it look like another object in the yard. This is a very creative way to disguise the tank and allow it to blend in with plants in the immediate area. 

However a propane tank is camouflaged, ample space must be left around it to check the gauge and fill the tank. If not, then a remote gauge and access pipe can be installed a short distance away from the tank. With a bit of forethought and creativity, a propane tank can be successfully hidden or camouflaged to blend in with the surrounding area. Surprise visitors and neighbors with a really creative and unusual way to disguise your propane tank. Contact a company like Blue Flame Gas Service for more information about propane tanks.