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Alternative Driveway Materials You Can Use When Your Home Has Poor Drainage

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Not every home has the right amount of drainage around their driveway, which leads to large puddles after it rains. To help fix this issue, you have a few materials that will help you correct some of your drainage concerns.

Permeable Pavers

Drainage is the key to preventing water from pooling on top of your driveway. However, concrete slabs are not an ideal choice in this type of situation. One option you have is permeable pavers.

The design of most permeable pavers allows water to seep out around and through them, which in turn keeps puddles from forming. The basic construct of the pavers are hexagon pieces made from high density plastic or recycled rubber. There are generally small spacers placed between the pavers to help with additional water reduction.

When installed, the workers will place them side by side. However, the pavers do have open cavities in the middle that you will need to fill up with small tiles, gravel or moss. These materials strengthen the surface and make it possible for you to drive over them with your car. One additional benefit is that this option allows you to have a decorative driveway that will no longer suffer from poor drainage.

Porous Asphalt

When you prefer a material that has a more solid appearance, then porous asphalt is a good option. This type of asphalt allows moisture to seep through it, which helps reduce puddles.

Porous asphalt looks very similar to traditional asphalt in appearance. The material is generally black in color and has a smooth surface. However, porous asphalt is normally comprised of a mixture of small and large pieces. Traditional asphalt on the other hand, has a more uniformed look to each piece before it is installed.

The variation in size is what allows the water to go through the asphalt and into the ground. By having different sized pieces, it creates small pockets for water to travel to the ground from the surface.

One aspect to know is that most asphalt paints can block the absorption rate. You will need to find a paving company, like Interstate Paving LLC, that offer specialized coloring options for porous asphalt if you prefer a different color. Some companies color the asphalt before it is poured to create a more colorful effect if you prefer.

When you are dealing with poor drainage around your driveway, you do have options. By gathering some additional information about different materials, you can find the right one for your home's new driveway.