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5 Features To Include When Remodeling A Bathroom For Your Aging Parents

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Remodeling your bathroom can come with a lot of challenges, but even more so when the room is being designed for your parents as they reach their senior years. Whether your parents currently live with you or are simply requesting some help with the remodeling due to their limited strength or mobility, the following tips can all come in handy.

Safety Bars in Shower

If your parent is still mobile enough to take standing showers, it is important that you make some changes to the shower for their convenience. Adding safety bars can help reduce the chance of one of your parents slipping and not having anything to grab onto. The installation of safety bars is easy enough and can be installed in practically any existing shower if a full replacement isn't needed.

Step-In Bathtub

Bathtubs can be a cause of concern for seniors since they could be a significant tripping hazard when your parents get in or out. To reduce the chance of this occurring, consider installing a step-in bathtub that can be easily opened and closed when entering or leaving.

Lowered Towel Racks

Grabbing a towel after a bath or shower shouldn't be a hassle, but it can be when your parent can't reach their arms as high. Lowering the towel rack and filling in the previous holes can make a big difference and should only take a few minutes.

Extra Storage

Whether your parents enjoy collecting random toiletries such as lotions and hair products or they find themselves taking more medication than they once did, it's good idea to Include some additional storage. For a double sink bathroom, you can even go the extra mile to install an additional medicine cabinet.

Durable Shower Door

While a glass shower door is a cleaner option than a shower curtain due to no folds for mold growth to occur, it is important that you consider the chance that your parent can fall into the shower door by accident. In order to prevent the glass from breaking, make sure that you choose a shatterproof shower door and have safety bars installed, as mentioned before, to help provide a safe area to grab in case of a fall.

Choosing the right projects for a bathroom remodel is important due to how costly this project can be and the varying needs of each person. With the above tips in mind, you can move forward with getting the bathroom remodeling with their specific needs in mind. Contact a company like Assurance Remodeling, or another location, for more tips and help.