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How To Change Aluminum Garage Door Panels

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Most residential garage doors have removable panels. This makes it very convenient to replace them, whether they are damaged or you just want to update the style of your garage door. you'll be surprised how drastically the style of your home will look if you change the garage doors. This article explains how you can easily change the panels of your garage door. Most garage door manufactures make their products with similar mounting systems, so this article should be useful regardless of your brand of garage. You can use this technique to change one or all of the panels in your garage.

Are Your Frames in Good Condition?

Before you start to remove your old panels, you need to make sure there is no structural damage to your actual garage door frame. Each panel will pop into a metal frame piece. If any part of the frame is bent, it could be problematic. Most small bends or dings in the metal frame won't cause too many problems. At worst, they will make it a little harder to put the new panel in place. However, if the frame is extremely bent, you have to realize that it will probably bend even more once the panel is removed. At this point, it will basically be impossible to install your new panel.

Changing the Panels

The key to changing the panels is to do them one by one and doing while the garage is closed. Don't remove all of the panels at once and then install all the new ones at once. Most panels will pop out of the frame by just removing a couple of screws with a cordless power drill. Since you are probably just going to throw away the old panels once you remove them, this part of the job can be done with just one person. However, installing the new panel will probably take two people. Have one person at each end of the panel as you pop it into the frame. Then one of the workers will have to go inside the garage and secure the screws while the other continues to hold the panel in place.

This job is very easy if you buy a factory replacement. When you are shopping for new panels, you might also want to consider investing in products that have extra insulation. A little extra insulation in your garage can help make the temperature a little more tolerable throughout the year.

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