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Three Tips For Preventing Common Septic Tank Issues

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Disposing of the wastewater that is created by your home is an essential task, and if your home lacks a connection to a local sewer system, you will likely need to use a septic system for this task. Sadly, there are many people that may not be fully aware of the various threats that these systems may face. However, if you utilize the following three septic system care tips, you can help ensure that your septic system is safe from some of the more routine issues that may cause disruptions in your home.  

Avoid Putting Plants Too Close To The Septic System

It can be common for individuals to want lush bushy plants growing in their yards. However, the roots of these plants can create a number of problems for your septic system. As an example, the roots of the plants may be attracted to the water from the septic system's drain field. As a result, the roots may grow into the small drainage holes on these pipes, which can lead to a serious clog. In order to avoid this problem, you will want to avoid placing large plants in the vicinity of the septic system.

Have The System Inspected And Serviced Every Couple Of Years

Over the course of time, the septic tank will gradually start to fill with solid waste that has failed to decompose. Unfortunately, it is possible for these substances to eventually clog the septic tank or drain field, and this can cause severe plumbing backups to occur in your home.

When you have your septic system serviced, this solid matter will be pumped out of the tank so as to avoid this risk. Additionally, the technician will inspect the system for signs of leaks or other potential problems. While this work may create some minor disruptions for your schedule and life inside your home, preventing serious malfunctions and the repair costs they involve will be more than worth this minor inconvenience.

Minimize Your Use Of The Garbage Disposal

Having a garbage disposal in the kitchen can take a lot of the mess out of doing the dishes. However, homeowners with septic systems will need to be somewhat careful when using these devices. If you make the mistake of putting too much food down the garbage disposal, you may inadvertently overwhelm the septic system. To help avoid this risk, you should only use the garbage disposal for very small amounts of food that can not be scraped off of the dishes. Contact a company like Kulp and Sons for more information.