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Tips For Creating A Modern Day Old World Kitchen On A Budget

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Of all the rooms in your house, the kitchen is the one that most likely sees a great deal of communion between you, your family and visiting friends. Creating a kitchen decor that is warm and inviting while also offering all of today's modern amenities can be challenging, but also a lot of fun. Check out these tips for creating an affordable modern, yet old world kitchen you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.

Your Urban Styled Cabinets Can Fit Into An Old World Design

One of the most distinctive elements you will find in an old world look is how dark wood plays a huge role in it. If your urban styled cabinets have a modern smoothness and light color, changing their color can help a lot to fit them into your old world design. Painting your existing cabinets a darker cherry or mahogany color is a lot more affordable than tearing them down for new, old world style cabinets. You can change the knobs to ones made of brass that will age with a fine patina for adding an even greater old world style effect.

The Ceiling Can Make The Biggest Impression

In old world kitchen many years ago, cooks hung their cookware from the ceiling because they lacked storage space. While today, your cabinets offer plenty of storage space, the decorative effect you want for an old world style kitchen needs to include ceiling beams made from a dark wood for hanging pots and pans. You can install wooden beams that are stained easily and it will not be costly. You might also consider adding an old iron pot rack for creating an even greater feel of an old world kitchen.

The Addition Of A Fireplace

Today, most kitchens do not have fireplaces, but years ago, every kitchen had one. Many homeowners cannot afford to have a wall torn down in their kitchen for the addition of a working fireplace. However, you can add an electric fireplace model that will give you the same impact as a real one. A free standing electric fireplace model can help you create your old style appeal using modern appliances and accessories. Placing your iron pot rack next to your fireplace model can help to increase the old world appeal you are trying to achieve.

Enjoying the time you spend in your kitchen can be easier when you are satisfied with its decor. You can have the modern appliances and accessories that make cooking and cleaning easier while still having the look of a kitchen from many years in the past.

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