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A Guide to Your Commercial Recycling Needs

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When you want to be sure that you are able to get the most out of your office, you'll need to develop a plan for recycling many of the materials in your building. Doing so will allow you to clear up space and also reap the numerous benefits of instituting a recycling program. There are a number of licensed and insured commercial recycling companies that can assist you with this. Read on to learn a bit more about how commercial recycling can be useful to you and how you can institute it. 

Consider the Advantages of Commercial Recycling

You will enjoy plenty of benefits when you decide to take advantage of a commercial recycling program. For one, you will lower your carbon footprint and reduce the amount of pollution in the atmosphere. This can create opportunities for tax incentives from the government that are helpful to your entire business. You'll also be patronizing a thriving industry, as there are more than 1 million people employed in the recycling field, which creates more than $260 billion in revenue. Further, you will have the opportunity to de-clutter your office space in a way that is efficient, which creates a better and more productive work atmosphere overall. 

Set Your Office up for Commercial Recycling

In order to streamline your recycling process, you will need to set your building up in a way that is helpful. For one, set aside some containers that are used specifically for recycling. Make sure that you separate these containers by the types of material that you are recycling. For instance, you will want to have different bins for glass, cardboard and paper. Setting aside specific containers will make it more likely for your recyclables to go to the proper place. This is helpful, as recycling 1 ton of paper can save 17 trees and a whopping 9 barrels of oil. 

Find the Best Commercial Recycling Facility

If you want to truly maximize on your recycling efforts, find the help of the right company for the job. This might boil down to hiring your municipal recycling center and paying a monthly bill for collections. You might also look into private, third party companies, who can give you service tailored to the recycling needs of your company. Be sure that they are certified and that you get recommendations from other companies in your field who have hired them for recycling.