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Spring Changing: 3 Reasons To Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinets

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"Spring cleaning" means different things to different people – for some, it's vacating all furniture out of the house and deep cleaning the walls and floors, while for others, it means finally getting around to dusting the tops of bookcases and cabinets, but doing little else. Kitchen cabinets are a common spot for spring cleaning and for good reason – there are so many different aspects that you can handle separately, no matter what your investment in the room itself. So if you're looking for a couple good reasons to remodel your kitchen cabinets this spring, then here's what you need to know.


As the years go on, you probably find yourself more and more unable (or more and more unwilling) to constantly climb up and down stepstools to reach the dishes stashed in the highest shelves in your cupboards and cabinets. No matter if you do your remodeling yourself or (more likely in this case) whether you hire out some help, getting rid of old cupboards that you can't access anymore due to physical limitations and putting in new cabinets that can do double duty or fit more dishes in them (think lazy susans) is a good way to ensure you're using your kitchen to its fullest potential without putting yourself in danger.


If you leave cabinets alone long enough (and few people replace their kitchen cabinets every couple years or so, let's be real), they'll fall prey to those kinds of conditions that create or house allergens – molds (especially in wet climates) and dusts being the chief mischief-makers. This is especially true of cabinets that are underused (see above) or those that sit above the stove, where moisture from cooking can reach them. Getting rid of those allergen-riddled cabinets stops those allergens from circulating in your home, which improves the air quality and can even help you breathe and sleep better – which is incredibly important, as spring is well-known as allergy season.


This is the reason that least has to do with functionality, but is generally the main reason why people redo their kitchen cabinets: they're no longer aesthetically pleasing. Whether the cabinets are left over from a previous owner with questionable taste or the colors are no longer trendy or even if the engraving along the edges seems passé to your eye, repainting, removing, or replacing your kitchen cabinets can make the room look entirely new and fresh, to match with the new season.