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Commercial Roof Care: Attention Hotspots

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The bustling activity that takes place under your commercial roof often takes up more of your time and attention than anything going on with the structure itself. While that's understandable, some focus should be placed on the roof so products, equipment, and employees are safe underneath it. Some vital commercial roof-related maintenance tasks are listed below:

Clear and Tighten Gutters

Wet leaves, blowing debris from nearby buildings and tree branches can all collect inside roof gutters. This is problematic because drainage becomes difficult. Water is trapped in gutters and could begin to affect roof edges. In icy conditions, trapped water freezing up makes drainage even more unlikely, which can weigh down and disfigure gutters along the building. Gutters must be emptied out and checking for proper drainage after rainfall is wise.

It's not enough that gutters are cleaned out. They must be tightened periodically as well. Loose gutters can allow water to drip onto people entering and exiting the space or make walkways slick with ice during winter. Periodic tightening is essential. 

If you're unable to perform these tasks on your own, commercial gutter services from a roofing contractor can be set up.

Note Shingle Conditions

When you're hurrying into the building every day, take a few seconds to look at roof shingles for signs of distress. Are the shingles all there? Do they seem discolored, which could be a sign that mold has taken over? Not only could shingles problems mean that the roof itself is having issues but it can also look bad for your customer or client base. Repairing shingles should be done when needed.

Monitor Flashing

If equipment is roof-mounted, it has metal flashing around it to avoid leaks into the building. Flashing gets loose and algae and mold spores can find their way beneath it. Keep each piece of flashing tightened so that the roof isn't compromised.

Check Lightning Protection System

As part of your periodic monitoring of the roof, you should be checking the cables and equipment that makes up your lightning protection system. In heavy winds or storms, rips can occur that make the system completely ineffective for its purpose, so you need to examine things regularly and get repairs quickly.

With attention, the commercial roof can do its intended job without trouble. For condition assessments and other pointers regarding gutters, flashing and other issues, a contractor is a helpful voice that you may want to contact.

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