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Adult Child Move Back In With You? Tips To Save Money On Your Water Bill

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An extra person in your home means extra water is used from taking a shower, washing extra dishes and more. All of this can increase your water bill quickly and could be by a lot. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help keep the water bill lower, three of which are listed below.

Install Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are much smaller than traditional water heaters as they use no storage tank. When someone turns on the hot water faucet, cold water from the water heater is heated via electricity or gas. The hot water is then delivered to your faucet. All of this happens quickly so you will have hot water as soon as you turn on the faucet.

With a traditional water heater, it takes time for it to heat water and for the water to travel to your hot water faucets. Because of this, you may have to run the faucet for a few minutes until the water reaches the right temperature.  

Insulate Your Traditional Water Heater

If you choose to keep your current water heater, you should insulate it, as well as the water plumbing pipes. They make a wrap that you wrap around the water heater. They also make insulating pipe sleeves that can be wrapped around your water pipes.

Insulating the water heater and pipes will save you money on your water bill mainly because you do not have to sit and as long for hot water to come out of the faucet. This is especially beneficial if you have pipes that are in an area that is not insulated, such as in an attic, basement,  or crawlspace.

You can install a water heater insulation blanket yourself but may have problems insulating your water pipes. This is because some of the pipes may be difficult to get to. Because of this hire a contractor to do this work for you.

Take Care of Leaks

Look at each faucet and see if you have water dripping from the spouts or water coming out anywhere around the fixture. Check the pipes under the kitchen and bathroom sink. Feel them with your hand to see if you feel any dampness or wetness.  

You may have water leaks on pipes that you cannot see, such as in your walls or flooring. One way to check if you have a leak is by looking at your water meter. Tell everyone in your home to not use the water for about an hour. Go to the water meter and if the needle is moving then you have a leak somewhere in your home.

A plumber can help you with all of this and can make suggestions on other ways you can save money on your water bill.