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Insight To Help You Prevent Water From Seeping Into And Damaging Your Basement

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Encountering water in your basement is a big problem you don't want to encounter as a homeowner, especially considering there can be several reasons and sources to basement-water problems. The water may be seeping under the foundation walls or through cracking damage from the outside soil, or from water lines or your home's plumbing. If you do encounter water intrusion from an outside source, such as a high water table or soil saturation after excessive precipitation, here are some tips to help you repair and remedy the problem.

Improve Your Foundation Landscaping

One of the first things you should try in and around your home to eliminate water intrusion into your basement is to evaluate and make improvements to your yard's landscaping. The soil around your home foundation should be graded at a slope, which allows moisture falling upon the soil to flow away from the house instead of ponding around the foundation. One of the reasons a basement can have moisture intrusion is the soil around the foundation promotes water absorption and saturation. Overtime, water falls upon the foundation soil and leads to the water seeping through any cracks in your basement wall or foundation.

Experts recommend adding additional soil to your soil and landscaping next to the foundation of your home to create a natural slope. You can order a truck-load of dirt from a local landscaping company to supplement your yard's soil. It can be helpful to also add mulch, gravel, or other landscaping covers to help the soil shed water from around your home's foundation.

Install a French Drain

After you have attempted to keep water from entering your basement from outside and you are still encountering moisture problems, you will want to remedy the problem from the interior of your home. Installing a French drain in your basement will collect any moisture as it enters through your walls or over the foundation slab and keeps it from causing interior damage.

If your basement has been finished, you will need to remove the flooring to access the foundation of your home, but if the basement has encountered water damage, this step may already be a necessity due to damage.

A basement waterproofing professional will excavate a trench in your basement fall around the perimeter of the room. Then, they will install a French drain within the soil trench surrounded by gravel to collect any intrusive water. The French drain will be connected to a sump pump, which will pump the water up and out of your basement. Talk to a waterproofing professional about their recommendations to protect your basement from moisture intrusion.