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3 Tips For Restoring Brickwork And Making Over Your Homes Exterior

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Brickwork is a durable finish that adds to the beauty of the exterior of your home, but over the years, brick will show signs of its age. Sometimes, deciding how to restore damaged brick can be a difficult decision because some of the options may be costly. You may want to consider repairing mortar joints or options like tuckpointing to makeover a brick exterior. Here are some tips to help you with restoring brickwork to makeover your home's exterior:

1. Mortar Joint Repairs and Replacement to Restore Brickwork

Mortar joints are probably one of the most fragile components of brickwork. A crack in the mortar joints can spread and cause serious damage to brick, which is why you will want to repair them before damage gets too serious. Sometimes, isolated repairs can be done to areas where mortar has been damaged, but it is usually a good idea to completely restore all the mortar joints if there is extensive damage to the brickwork on the exterior of your home.

2. Tuckpointing Solutions to Makeover the Face of Worn Masonry

Tuckpointing is one of the solutions that you will want to consider for repairing the brickwork on your home. The process of brick restoration with tuckpointing is done with different colored mortar and repairs to the existing mortar joints. Tuckpointing will face worn and weathered masonry with a brand-new finish that is created using mortar cement materials. This is a great idea for brickwork that has extensive wear the needs to be repaired and to change the color of mortar joints and the brick face.

3. Repairing Brick to Blend in With Changes Due to Remodeling Projects

One of the major causes of damage to brick is remodeling projects like additions or changes to windows and doors. The remodeling projects often leave your home with obvious repairs in the brickwork, which can sometimes be an unsightly addition to your home. To repair areas where brick has been changed due to remodeling, the brick can be removed and reinstalled by a repair service to make the repairs less noticeable and blend it in with the existing brickwork on the rest of your home.

These are some of the options that you may want to consider for repairing masonry and giving brickwork a makeover. If you need help with restoring old and worn brick, contact a brick repair service, like Excel Chimney & Fireplace Service, and talk to them about some of these options.