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4 Masonry Restoration Tips To Help Bring New Life To Historic Homes

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If your home has a masonry finish, there is probably wear that needs to be repaired. Restoring the masonry finish of a historic home can be complicated because you want repairs to be authentic and accurate. The following tips will help with the masonry restorations that need to be done to your historic home.

1. Repairing Damage Due to Mortar Cracks in Brick and Stonework

One of the areas where brick gets the most damage is the mortar joints. Cracks often appear in the joints of brick and stone. There are a couple of options to repair this type of damage to masonry. Two of the options are to have the mortar replaced or to have new masonry installed. If the cracks are minor, then replacing the mortar will be enough to repair the damage. If the cracks are severe, then completely reinstalling the brick or stone is the best solution to repair the damage.

2. Updating Old, Unsightly Repairs with New Matching Masonry Improvements

With older buildings, sometimes old repairs are unsightly blemishes to the exterior finishes. To repair this type of damage, masonry services can completely remove the materials and reinstall them to blend materials together and make old repairs unnoticeable. Mixing old and new bricks or stone will blend masonry together to make it look like it was installed at the same time.

3. Tuckpointing to Give the Exterior of Your Historic Home a Makeover with Brand-New Features

Tuckpointing is another option that you may want to consider for repairing worn and damaged masonry. This is a process of using different colored mortar materials to create a façade for the brick that makes it look clean and new. If you are repairing severe damage that is widespread, tuckpointing is a cost-effective option to restore the exterior.

4. Repairing the Masonry of Old Chimneys and Fireplace Mantles to Restore Historic Homes

In historic homes, brick chimneys and mantles are often featured in many living areas. Repair the exterior and update the interior of the chimney with a modern flue or a chimney insert with an exhaust pipe. For the interior mantle, talk with masonry services about installing new brickwork to renovate the fireplace to last for many more generations.

These are some tips that will help with the masonry restorations to the exterior of your historic home. If you are ready to restore the exterior of your home, contact a masonry service for help with the repairs that need to be done.

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