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Ways To Create Public Awareness Of Your Drilling And Blasting Projects

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You have many work projects that involve blasting and drilling to create the proper building site. The noise and disruption that these projects can cause can make the general public feel like they are caught off-guard. On the other end of the spectrum, the many large construction equipment pieces and commotion can create another issue: public curiosity.

Since it's important to keep your work sites clear of onlookers and people or vehicles that can get potentially injured or damaged, it's wise to alert the public prior to beginning your drilling and blasting projects. Even if the projects are short-lived and done in areas where there are not neighboring homes and businesses, you still want to create public awareness so people don't feel concerned when they hear loud noises or see unusual construction activity.

Here are ways you can create public awareness of your drilling and blasting projects so you can keep everyone safe and avoid any potential construction hangups.

Community newsletter

Consider creating a community newsletter that can be placed at various establishments that people in your community visit on the regular, such as local libraries, grocery stores, post offices, and other common venues. These newsletters can alert the public of the approximate dates your drilling and blasting projects will take place and approximate areas covered so people can be less alarmed when they see or hear the unique construction going on. 

Construction/warning signs

Construction and warning signs placed at the end of the roads you will be working on that announce caution of your work site will help let drivers and people walking around the area know to stay away. Place other types of warning materials, such as traffic cones and flashing lights, around work equipment and open construction areas to help keep curious onlookers at bay.

These construction signs can be placed out on roadways and nearby locations days in advance to alert the general public prior to beginning your drilling and blasting projects, provided these materials do not create unnecessary road blockages.

Local authorities

Your local police or fire department can help you alert the general public and create awareness of your drilling and blasting projects. Local authorities can be particularly helpful when the projects are occurring in an area where there is lots of regular traffic, such as a strip mall, school, or other popular gathering location. With the right public awareness, your drilling and blasting projects can occur with little disruption and with greater protection to the community.

For further questions regarding drilling and blasting projects and how best to create public awareness for them, reach out to a professional like those at 3 - Rivers, Inc., Drilling & Blasting.